Crossover: Rotax. Hybrid. Electric.

Closing 5 years of developments, Crossover is now ready to go to market. With different configurations possible, from pure electric drive to Internal combustion engine or Hybrid drive, we are now ready to deliver a special new airplane, with glide ratio up to 42, meaning very low carbon footprint, low maintenance and Eco Sustainability.



Our model offers an ergonomic 116 cm width cockpit arrangement, with great panoramic views, side by side seating and dual stick controls, electric adjustment rudder pedals.

Easy boarding

Seat is positioned at a car´s high what makes it very easy boarding with our electric operated canopy opening system.


Canopy is made from a special UV protection plexi and our adjustable carbon molded bucket seats are shaped for long journeys and comfort with great adjustable cockpit ventilation for both pilot and passenger.