EuroSportAircraft, located in Guimarães, Portugal, is specialized in composite design and fabrication for the aerospace industry. We started in 2009 with rapid process tooling and manufacturing on ESA 2010 aircraft project, later named “Crossover”. Our team of experts combine innovative design and high quality precision construction, with composits experts, aerodynamicists and electronic power control engineers.


Crossover: Rotax. Hybrid. Electric. Closing 5 years of developments, Crossover is now ready to go to market. With different configurations possible, from pure electric drive to Internal combustion engine or Hybrid drive, we are now ready to deliver a special new


Speedster: focus on design and performance. 2 years of design and calculations lead us to a 90% engineering process achievement. With a 1:5 scale prototype we are now close to work on the final aircraft


A platform for RPAS – remote piloted aircraft systems – is being developed under the Crossover project, aiming to reach missions with a possible maximum of 100 hours. We started cooperation with Portuguese Air Force

Rotax. Hybrid. Electric. Explore our aircraft. CROSSOVER

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